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How to play YouTube videos in the background on iPhone

If you use the YouTube app, you know you cannot have a video keep playing...

access_time 09:38AM 12 May 2016

Has iCloud Photo Library’s “Optimize Storage” Option Gotten Bette…

  While testing Lightroom, I’ve decided to set my iCloud Photo Library to Optimize Storage. That...

access_time 04:43PM 10 May 2016

How to Reduce your iPad screen brightness beyond standard control…

This is one of those how-to tips that, while very useful to some, will not be...

access_time 03:47AM 09 May 2016

How to Backup iPhone or iPad to External Drive

We all know how important backing up our mobile devices is; so much so that...

access_time 01:15PM 08 May 2016

How to solve incorrect photo rotation after sync or upload

Louis Skrabec wants the angle on photo orientation: I downloaded photos from my camera to my...

access_time 12:00PM 08 May 2016

How to find a saved Wi-Fi password on the Mac

Chances are that you never think of your wi-fi password after your set it up...

access_time 06:50PM 07 May 2016

7 Favorite iPhone 3D Touch Tricks

access_time 01:23PM 06 May 2016

Apple Music doesn’t delete your music files

access_time 03:45PM 05 May 2016

Quick Look: Adobe Photoshop Fix

access_time 01:51PM 04 May 2016

How to Hide iPhone Dock Without Jailbreaking

access_time 01:15PM 04 May 2016

Using Split View and Picture in Picture on your iPad, How-To

With iOS 9, Apple offered some nice multitasking options. If you have the iPad Pro...

access_time 10:30AM 04 May 2016

The power of OS X’s menu bar

access_time 10:30AM 04 May 2016

iTunes Movie Rental Not Working, How-To

iTunes provides a wide variety of video content in the form of movie rentals and...

access_time 10:39AM 02 May 2016

What to do when OS X asks for an old Apple ID

Reader Craig Gorsuch writes in with a commonly asked question about OS X and Apple...

access_time 12:00PM 01 May 2016


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